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Organic Bone Broth Soup

Powered with OmniBroth™ BBB Organic from Essentia Protein Solutions our soup is a nutrient-dense bone broth that is easy to digest and is rich in flavour. OmniBroth™ BBB Organic is recognised to deliver benefits including; preserving lean muscle and augmenting fat loss, enhancing satiety, improving bone strength and density, promoting gut health and digestion, supporting joint health and mobility as well as increasing skin hydration and elasticity.

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Nootropic Beverage

Our innovative new premix contains a blend of botanical extracts, amino acids and vitamins to deliver a non-stimulant nootropic beverage. Nootropics, which are also known as cognitive enhancers, are supplements that help improve brain function such as focus, memory and cognition. Our premix contains ingredients that will work in synergy to improve cognition, whilst reducing stress and fatigue leading to improvements in mood, focus and productivity.

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Cherry Flavoured Collagen Shot

Collagen is nicknamed the “steel of biological materials” because it plays a critical role in providing structure and strength in the body. There is significant evidence that supplementation with collagen can help improve joint health and mobility in adults. Our shot is powered by OmniCol™ 110, a powdered protein, creamy-white in colour and neutral in taste and smell developed by Essentia Protein Solutions. Highlights of formulating with OmniCol™ 110 include no known allergens, free from dairy, soy, grain and gluten, 100% natural origin, non-GMO and low in fat (<0.1%).

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Vegan, Sugar Free Energy Gummies

Powered with a Prinova Vitamin Premix and Natural Caffeine our gummies can help provide enhanced focus throughout the day and improved energy levels during exercise, in a highly convenient delivery format.

With micro-encapsulated Active TR® Natural Caffeine from AnaBio Technologies LTD our gummies provide a delayed pulsative release (over several hours) helping to prevent overdosing.  Active TR® Natural Caffeine is proven to deliver improved results for athletes, including better performance over four hours, faster recovery and enhanced muscle protein synthesis.

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Vegan Protein Shake

Our plant based vegan protein shake is proven to contain all Essential Amino Acids (EAA) and contains our own premix of ingredients to improve palatability and enhance mouthfeel. Containing a blend of Pea and Brown Rice Proteins we will demonstrate how you can gain a competitive edge with a great tasting vegan shake delivering a texture similar to dairy protein based shakes.

Healthy raw energy balls with cocoa, coconut, sesame, chia in a wooden bowl.

Vegan Protein Balls

Natural Pea Protein energy balls with plant protein flavour masking technology. These are high-protein snack option to increase daily protein intake. Natural, vegan, dairy and soy free with no added sugar. Containing Pea Protein to help build muscle and connective tissues, improving exercise performance. The high Iron Content helps to regulate body temperature, improve gastrointestinal performance and immune functions. Sample our two flavours, Apple-Vanilla and Toffee-Vanilla.

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Sugar Free L-Carnitine Gummies

Dosed with the popular fat burning ingredient L-Carnitine in a convenient gummy format! As well as fat burning, L-Carnitine is also reported to help improve muscle recovery and enhance memory and concentrationlevels.

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