Prinova Europe is the exclusive distributor for Hofseth BioCare’s marine nutrition products in Europe. Based in Norway, Hofseth BioCare produce a wide range of protein, calcium and oil products from Norwegian salmon.

Hofseth BioCare uses its proprietary hydrolysis technology to extract nutrients from the fish sustainably, turning the offcuts into high-value nutrition products with zero waste.

Sustainability and Traceability:

  • Hofseth BioCare’s unique technology creates products using the whole fish, with zero waste
  • The whole production process can be tracked all the way from fish eggs to final products
  • Their extraction process has been recognised with Friend of the Sea Certification
  • The entire product range is non-GMO and free from antibiotics, solvents and chemicals

The Hofseth BioCare Product Range:

ProGo® Salmon Protein Hydrolysate

  • ProGo® is a hydrolysed salmon protein 97% for sports, endurance and recovery powders
  • It is highly soluble in water due to its low peptide molecular weight
  • Sensory characteristics of ProGo® are unique with a mild taste of salmon, which can be completely masked by mixing with other proteins, natural sweeteners and citrus or fruit-based flavours, as well as other masking agents
  • It delivers pure peptides like no other protein on the market
Proven Benefits:
  • ProGo® helps correct and prevent Anemia by increasing serum ferritin levels by 140% within 42 days as demonstrated in a clinical trial where subjects took 16g of ProGo® per day
  • ProGo® is pro-metabolic and helps improve body mass index (BMI). A six week study of 48 subjects showed statistically significant decrease in BMI: 16g daily of ProGo showed a decrease of –5.9% in comparison to +1.6% increase in BMI for same consumption of whey protein
  • Further studies prove ProGo’s® positive effect on supporting metabolism, providing anti-oxidant benefits and decreasing inflammation

CollaGo® Collagen Peptides

  • CollaGo® is a soluble Type I & III Collagen Peptide powder optimised for beauty (hair, skin and nails)
  • It can be used in a range of formats including powders, bars, tablets and beverages
  • It has no additives and it is a natural source of collagen and phosphorus.
Proven Benefits:
  • Increased energy levels
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits
  • Studies has shown positive improvement (up to 33%) to hair, skin and nail condition after 128 days of CollaGo®consumption

CalGo® Marine Bone Powder

  • CalGo® is a natural marine collagen calcium powder containing 24 % Type II Collagen, 19 % elemental Calcium and 9 % elemental Phosphorous
  • It can be used in tablets, powders and other formats.
  • It is produced from salmon bones without any artificial additives or chemicals
  • It is a 100% microcrystalline hydroxyapatite form of calcium that may help increase osteoclast and osteoblast proliferation to a higher extent than other calcium sources thereby potentially increasing bone formation and protecting against osteoporosis (thinning of the bones)
Proven Benefits:
  • Studies have shown its unique ability to help increase bone density – by more than 6% - and bone strength – from more than 30% - compared to Calcium Carbonate

OmeGo® Salmon Oil

  • OmeGo® is a full spectrum of omega fatty acids, including Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 11, EPA, DHA and DPA
  • Offering benefits for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol and cardiovascular function, it can be used in soft gel caps and other formats
  • It provides all the benefits of fresh fish including: anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effects and Hofseth BioCare has a patented data claim for the reduction of ox-LDL GP1, a highly inflammatory form of “bad cholesterol” that promotes atherogenesis (furring/narrowing of the arteries)
Proven Benefits:
  • All the natural fractions contained in fish = all the benefits of natural fish oil which include heart, cognitive, eye and joint health
  • Studies conducted by HBC show OmeGo® reduced serum concentration levels of an independent biomarker of cardiovascular risk, oxLDL-GP, through its anti-oxidation effects from non 18/12 fractions within the natural oil and hence the ability for OmeGo® to reduce oxLDL-GP to a far greater extent that other fish oils (up to 4.7 times reduction with OmeGo®)

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