Branded Ingredients

When you are looking for a branding advantage in a crowded market place Prinova delivers. We can help coordinate R&D, regulatory and marketing efforts helping you to confidently reach a wider audience while saving time and money by removing a lot of the guesswork involved in product development.

We have partnered with the following leading producers:

AnaBio Logo

AnaBio Technologies LTD is an innovative Irish Company that provides encapsulation expertise and commercial contract manufacture for the protection and stabilisation of Food Ingredients, Therapeutics, Animal Feed & Medication.

As the European distributor for micro-encapsulation sports ingredients sold under the trademark ActiveTR®️, Prinova delivers solutions for new product formulations for specific sports nutrition ingredients.

  • ActiveTR®️ Caffeine
  • ActiveTR®️ Natural Caffeine
  • ActiveTR®️ Creatine Citrate
Essentia Logo

Essentia Protein Solutions are the world leader in Beef, Chicken and Porcine Proteins and Plasma Fractions. Driven by innovation, Essentia builds a better business for their customers through committed service and sustainable protein solutions. By partnering with Essentia, Prinova offers a range of Organic and Hydrolysed Proteins for Sports Performance & Lifestyle Benefits.

HydroBEEF Logo

HydroBEEF™ is a Hydrolyzed Beef Protein with a concentration of >97% protein. It has a typical BCAA profile, which provides a rapid energy source during exercise and prevents muscle damage. Specially formulated for optimal taste and solubility, it can be used for protein bars, tablets and sports nutrition beverages. The series consists of HydroBEEF+™ which has all the benefits HydroBEEF™ and is agglomerated with sunflower lecithin for instant solubility.

HydroCHX Logo

HydroCHX™ is hydrolysed chicken protein isolate. It contains around 90% protein, less than 1% fat, and has a complete amino acid profile and valuable micronutrients. HydroCHX™ is a white, fine powder, 100% soluble in water.

MyoCHX Logo

MyoCHX™ is hydrolysed chicken protein isolate. It contains around 90% protein, less than 1% fat and has a complete amino acid profile and valuable micronutrients. MyoCHX™ contains high amount of essential amino acids and BCAAs. It consists primarily of peptides allowing efficient absorption.


OmniBroth™ bone broths are remarkably in tune with some of today’s biggest market trends, they are clean label, low-fat and high-protein. Rich in valuable amino acids, glucosamine, protein, collagen and key minerals OmniBroth™ supports a wide range of health benefits such as joint health and mobility, muscle maintenance, boosting of the immune system and more. For more information please download our technical white paper here.

The series consists of:

  • OmniBroth™ BBB (Beef Bone Broth)
  • OmniBroth™ BBB Organic (Organic Beef Bone Broth)
  • OmniBroth™ BBB+ (Agglomerated Beef Bone Broth)
  • OmniBroth™ CBB (Chicken Bone Broth)
OmniCol Logo

Collagen is nicknamed the “steel of biological materials” because it is a key constituent of all connective tissues and plays a critical role in providing structure and strength in the body. There is significant evidence that supplementation with collagen can help improve joint health and mobility in adults as well as preserving lean muscle, maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails etc. OmniCol™ is hydrolysed collagen, a powdered protein, creamy-white in colour and neutral in taste and smell.

Aquamin is a unique and natural multi-mineral complex produced from calcareous marine red algae (Lithothamnion sp.), which absorbs essential nutrients from the sea. The algae is sustainably harvested, from the North Atlantic seabed around the Icelandic coast. The resulting Natural Calcium products are 100% plant based and can be used food, beverage and supplement applications. Also available is Aquamin Mg a natural magnesium source produced from seawater from the Irish Sea. By partnering with Aquamin, Prinova can provide you with a bespoke formulation with minerals to include to a supplement tablet or fully soluble grades with zero chalkiness for beverages. Prinova are the UK & Ireland distributors for the Aquamin range.

  • Aquamin F
  • Aquamin TG
  • Aquamin SOLUBLE
  • Aquamin S
  • Aquamin AG
  • Aquamin Mg AG
  • Aquamin Mg TG
  • Aquamin Mg SOLUBLE

Sabinsa Corporation is a manufacturer, supplier and marketer of Herbal Extracts, Cosmeceuticals, Minerals, Dietary Supplements and Specialty Fine Chemicals for the Nutritional, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Food industries. Prinova are proud to offer ingredients from the Sabinsa portfolio to support health conditions such as Gut Health, Joint Care Brain Health, Immunity and more.

  • Ashwaghanda 7%
  • Bacopin®
  • Bioperine®
  • Boswelin®
  • Cococin®
  • Curcumin C3®
  • Digezyme®
  • Fenusterols®
  • ForsLean®
  • GarCitrin®
  • Lactospore®
  • LeanGard®
  • SaBeet®
  • Saberry®
  • Selenium Select®
  • Shilajit®
IN Ingredients

IN-Ingredients are a US based, research driven producer of nutraceutical ingredients and botanical extracts, specifically targeted toward the Sports Nutrition and Nutraceutical industries.

CellBerry Logo

CellBerry® Aronia Berry Extract

A high quality Black Chokeberry extract from the Aronia Melancarpa plant which is naturally rich in phenolic anthocyanins and proanthocyanins. CellBerry® is standardised to the powerful anthocyanin component.

Cinnulin PF

Cinnulin PF® Cinnamon Extract

A unique, proprietary and patented Cinnamon extract and one of the few cinnamon extracts that has had published research to support its health and wellness functions.

Cinnulin PF® Cinnamon Extract with Creatine

Studies have demonstrated that Cinnulin PF® combined with Creatine monohydrate, elicited greater mean increases in relative 1-RM leg press, thigh lean mass, body water, and total Akt protein content when compared to Creatine monohydrate alone or a placebo.

Oxyjun Logo

Oxyjun® Terminalia Arjuna Tree Extract

A stimulant free extract of the Terminalia arjuna tree. Terminilia arjuna has been used in traditional Ayurveda medicines for centuries due to its cardio-protective properties.

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