World Class Inventory Management

With over 35 strategic stock locations around the world we are able to offer you just-in-time deliveries helping reduce your inventory overheads and avoid any of the inherent difficulties involved in holding large stocks. Our substantial buffer stocks help to ensure continuity of supply regardless of prevailing market conditions, whether we are supplying single ingredients or custom premixes. All part of the Prinova promise on supply chain security. We have long-standing relationships with key service providers and conduct annual facility audits to ensure our high standards are always being maintained.

Key locations globally include:


Germany (2)

Italy (1)

Netherlands (2)

Spain (2)

Turkey (2)

UK (3)


Canada (3)
Mexico (2)
USA (15)


Changzhou (1)

Shanghai (1)


Sydney (1)

For more details please visit our global locations overview.

Logistics and Transportation