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Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition

Health and wellness remain top trends for consumers in all product applications – from beverages, to bars, to dietary supplements. More manufacturers are launching products for body-builders, as the mainstream consumer is now more interested in overall physical fitness.

Prinova is well established as the leading global distributor of Ascorbic Acid & Derivatives, B Vitamins, and Amino Acids. We also supply a comprehensive range of directly compressible grade vitamins and derivatives. Botanical extracts show continued growth in general Wellness products as well as crossing over into Sports Nutrition formulations. Our Natural Botanical extracts portfolio is also expanding to meet this opportunity. Our position as a market leader in these sectors, as well as our success as a leading supplier to the Sports Nutrition industry in America, has allowed Prinova Europe to announce an expansion of the current product portfolio by adding innovative ingredients and value-added services  for the Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition industries.

Prinova Europe is also pleased to announce a new range of custom sports nutrition flavours to compliment our existing portfolio. Our Technical Support Representatives have determined the top trending American flavours and have handcrafted flavour kits for the European Market in our R&D Application Laboratory.

Whether it is cutting-edge new products like Instantised BCAAs and PureCircle Stevia extracts, or customised mesh-sizes to meet your required specification, you can count on Prinova to offer practical formulation advice and ensure you remain in a position of confidence and stability in an evolving marketplace.

Here is an overview of product categories we supply:
  • Amino Acids
  • Amino Acid Blends
  • Micronised Amino Acid 
  • Natural Botanical Extracts
  • Nutraceutical Supplements
  • Sweeteners 
  • Vitamins & Derivatives
  • Proteins (Whey, Soy & Pea)




Now Offering Instantised & Blended BCAAs