Food & Beverage Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition Animal Nutrition Personal Care Flavour & Fragrance Pharmaceutical
Food & Beverage Extensive selection of functional ingredients including Vitamins, Preservatives, Sweeteners and other food additives essential to this industry. Explore
Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition Full range of Vitamins & Derivatives, Amino Acids, Botanical Extracts, Sweeteners and the latest Nutraceutical ingredients for sports nutrition, weight-loss, and dietary supplements. Explore
Animal Nutrition Your global ingredient source for both the Pet and Feed Industry. Products include Amino Acids, Vitamins, Phosphates and other essential Additives. Explore
Personal Care Natural Extracts, Essential Oils, Aroma Chemicals, and other specialty ingredients for developing innovative personal care and cosmetic products. Explore
Flavour & Fragrance Complete portfolio of Essential Oils, Aroma Chemicals, Flavour Enhancers and other additives to help you make great tasting flavours and fragrances. Explore
Pharmaceutical Full range of high quality Vitamins & Derivatives as well as Phosphates, Essential Oils, Botanical Extracts, Sweeteners and other additives essential to this industry. Explore

Premium Ingredients International has become Prinova™

We’ve come a long way since our start as an ingredient broker and trading specialist. Our expanded services, product portfolio, and global reach demanded that we enhance our image. As a result, we changed our name to Prinova to better reflect our dynamic vision for the future.

The company ownership, as well as our strength as the leading global supplier of essential ingredients for the food, flavour, fragrance, health, nutrition, pharmaceutical and personal care industries worldwide remains the same.

The name Prinova reflects the high standards and first-class service you’ve come to expect from us. It also expresses our drive to remain “new” with enhanced product offerings, global product knowledge, and formulation expertise. Prinova embodies our culture of excellence, as well as our desire to evolve.

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