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We are pleased to announce exclusive distribution rights to the IN-Ingredients portfolio

  1. Date Posted: 27 October 2015
  2. Location: European Head Office

We are proud of being exclusive distributors of IN-Ingredients

As we continue to grow our portfolio of products for the Sports and Lifestyle Nutrition industries, we are pleased to announce being appointed the exclusive distributor for all IN-Ingredients trademarked products. IN-Ingredients are a US based, research driven producer of nutraceutical ingredients and botanical extracts, specifically targeted toward the Sports Nutrition and Nutraceutical industries.

Product highlights include Cinnulin PF®, a cinnamon bark extract which research has indicated may reduce body fat, increase lean mass and decrease fasting body sugar; Oxyjun™ a stimulant-free extract of Terminalia arjuna which may assist in increasing VO2 max and CellBerry® a high quality black chokeberry extract with antioxidant benefits.